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Happy Mother's day Cake

Happy Mother's day Cake

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Happy Mother's day Cake 

Cake flavour:

Japanese Vanilla cake with Raspberry-Lychee Delight filling

This exquisite Japanese Vanilla Cake offers a light, airy texture typical of the finest sponge cakes, paired with a unique and delightful filling. The cake itself is infused with a subtle vanilla essence that provides a gentle, aromatic flavor. Between its tender layers lies a luscious Raspberry-Lychee Delight filling, blending the sweet, floral notes of raspberries with the exotic, slightly rosy taste of lychee. This combination creates a refreshing burst of flavor that perfectly complements the soft sponge cake. Each bite is a blend of delicate textures and vibrant tastes, making it a perfect dessert for those who appreciate a sophisticated, fruity twist in their sweet treats.

Available cake size: 5"

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